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Accurate and timely net payment to Employee:

With every payroll you run, whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you act as an agent for The Revenue Commissioner by collecting three types of tax:

(Pay As You Earn)

(Pay Related Social Insurance)

(Universal Social Charge)

Each being calculated in a particular way. You may also have to collect LPT (Local Property Tax) if an employee has chosen this option. mahdypayroll-services. deals with the complexities and calculations of payroll, efficiently and confidentially, so you do not have to. Using mahdypayroll-services means your employee will be paid accurately and on time.


Liaise and Point of Contact for Revenue:
In Ireland Payroll is operated as a real-time reporting system. It is a legal requirement that an employer reports payroll to The Revenue Commissioner on or before the day the employee is paid. A RPN (Revenue Payroll Notification) is used by employers to ensure the most up to date Revenue information is being applied to their employees’ pay. It provides employers with the necessary information to deduct the correct PAYE, USC, PRSI and LPT if applicable, by updating the employee’s cut-off point and tax credits. The RPN must be updated prior to every payroll run. After each payroll run, on or before the date you pay your employees, you are required to submit the payroll information to The Revenue Commissioner by sending a PSR (Payroll Submission Request) for each employee. A PSR contains information about an employment as well as details of payments and deductions for the pay period.

mahdypayroll-services will set you up as an employer with Revenue and act as your Payroll Agent, dealing with all required Revenue returns and correspondence for the duration of your subscription

Tailored Payrolls:

Not only has the employer to consider an employee’s gross pay, but other items such as:


Minimum Wage



Benefit in Kind i.e. Company Car, Health Insurance

Pension if applicable

Force Majeure Leave

Attachment of earnings.

mahdypayroll-services is constantly keeping abreast of everchanging legislation and with our managed payroll system you are relieved of that extra burden.


Irish employment payment of wages legislation gives all employees a right to a pay slip which will show the gross wage and details of all deductions. A pay slip is essentially a statement in writing from the employer to the employee that outlines the total pay before tax and all details of any deductions from pay. mahdypayroll-services provides your employees with an electronic format payslip.


Payroll Reports:

A payroll summary report gives an analysis of payments made to employees including gross pay, employer’s PRSI, employee taxes deducted and net pay. This is an important report, which all employers should look at after each payroll run, as it gives the cost of payroll incurred by the business, i.e. Gross Pay Plus Employer’s PRSI.


mahdypayroll-services provide you with this information at the end of every payroll cycle.


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