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We provide effective Payroll Solutions to supplement your business at an affordable price.


Payroll Outsourcing – Standard Service
Periodic Time Sheet Processing (Weekly/Monthly, etc)

Employee Setup and Maintenance (Personal Details, Tax Allowances, etc)

Company Setup and Maintenance (Company Details, Payments & Deductions)
Payslips (Posted and/or Emailed)

Payroll Reports (Control Summary, Gross Pay Analyses, Employers Costing, etc)

Fully compliant and updated with all Payroll Legislation (Revenue, Welfare, HR)

End of Month Returns (Reports, P30, P45, ROS)

End of Year Returns ( P35, P60’s, Income Levy Certs, ROS)

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Payroll Outsourcing – Additional/Optional features

Employee Assistance & Helpline

Employee Workshops to explain the workings of Payroll

Staff Hand Books (Sample Copies)
Assistance in the provision of tax allowances and queries

FAQ’s about Payslips and PAYE, PRSI and Income Levy charges

Employer Assistance & Employer Helpline
Employer Payroll Workshops

Benefit In Kind Administration

Redundancy & Termination calculations
Social Welfare (Maternity & Illness)
Gross & Net Deductions (Pensions, PRSA’s, Salary Sacrifices)

Annual Leave (recording and assistance in legislation)

Sample Contracts of Employment
Central Statistics Office, CSO, Surveys (EHECS & NES)

Import/Export of details to link with 3rd Party Applications
Accounts – Nominal Link and/or Expenses
HR Systems – Time & Attendance and/or Employment Record Systems
Specialised Reports (Data output of any required details to PDF, or Excel)

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Payroll (Software) Outsourcing – Specialised Service

For issues of control and other such requirements as those listed below, often payroll outsourcing or payroll bureau in the traditional sense simply will not work

Additional 3rd party security,(controlled by the client)

Restricted access (controlled by the client)

Data confidentiality, (controlled by the client)

Direct access (controlled by the client)
Simple ownership of the payroll,

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